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  • * Very clear explanations

    * Practical Examples

    * He has a website with numerous additional resources

    * He makes me think with challenging questions.


    Rod 1, Highlands Ranch, CO

  • I went to tutor Graciela with an D in geometry. Her teaching skill, patience, and kindness brought me to a C in two weeks. I saw...

    Graciela 1, Los Altos, CA

  • What makes you a good tutor is your ability to connect with me and put everything in a clear and understandable form. You are very patient and I have found that this helps maybe...

    Christopher 2, Fresno, CA

  • " math teacher I ever had..."

    " of the best..."

    " ...He's just a very good teacher ..."

    " ...He really makes sure you nailed...

    Curtis1, San Jose, CA

  • "Thank you! I wish I had your language skills, but you made me feel much more comfortable about my own anyway!" -N
    "Thank you thank you thank you! I got an A on the essay...

    Danielle2, Oakland, Ca

  • She is a dynamic and real speaker who gets the attention of her audience with her warm and personal approach". (Martha Oral, English Professor)

    "Julinda was a phenomenal speaker". (Gina Ronzano, Counselor)

    Julinda1, San Jose, CA

  • very involved and extremely helpful.
    provides an awesome fun comfortable learning environment.
    always patient with students.
    he is an awesome instructor and clarified many things about chemistry.
    very approachable for questions and offers a lot...

    paul 1, san jose, ca

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