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  • * Very clear explanations

    * Practical Examples

    * He has a website with numerous additional resources

    * He makes me think with challenging questions.


    Rod 1, Highlands Ranch, CO

  • I went to tutor Graciela with an D in geometry. Her teaching skill, patience, and kindness brought me to a C in two weeks. I saw...

    Graciela 1, Los Altos, CA

  • What makes you a good tutor is your ability to connect with me and put everything in a clear and understandable form. You are very patient and I have found that this helps maybe...

    Christopher 2, Fresno, CA

  • " math teacher I ever had..."

    " of the best..."

    " ...He's just a very good teacher ..."

    " ...He really makes sure you nailed...

    Curtis1, San Jose, CA

  • "Thank you! I wish I had your language skills, but you made me feel much more comfortable about my own anyway!" -N
    "Thank you thank you thank you! I got an A on the essay...

    Danielle2, Oakland, Ca

  • She is a dynamic and real speaker who gets the attention of her audience with her warm and personal approach". (Martha Oral, English Professor)

    "Julinda was a phenomenal speaker". (Gina Ronzano, Counselor)

    Julinda1, San Jose, CA

  • very involved and extremely helpful.
    provides an awesome fun comfortable learning environment.
    always patient with students.
    he is an awesome instructor and clarified many things about chemistry.
    very approachable for questions and offers a lot...

    paul 1, san jose, ca

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We founded PTSTUTORS because there is a distinct need for high quality and professional tutoring brought to student's homes in a cost effective and efficient manner. Our team leader, a Multilingual Mathematician, dedicated Credentialed Teacher, and long time tutor, has noticed that there are many tutoring services, but has found none that require a minimum of a bachelor's degree and experience from all their tutors. PTSTUTORS require a minimum of a bachelor's degree and at least two years experience for tutors to list their services at our site. At PTSTUTORS, many of our tutors also have Teaching Credentials, MAs or PhDs. You can easily find this information in each tutor's profile. Our commitment is to connect knowledgeable, professional and reliable Tutors/Teachers with students, in an easy, efficient way, so that you don't waste time, money, and your educational needs are fully met.


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    The goal of PTSTUTORS is to assist students of all ages achieve academic success by providing access to professional educators who will focus in helping students improve their grades by re teaching content as appropriate, modeling effective study techniques, and inspiring a joy that comes from learning and succeeding.
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    We bring professional tutors to your home in an effective manner. Search for qualified local tutors using our search box. There you will find tutors' profiles that show qualifications, rates, and availability. Then you can schedule tutoring with one or more tutors. We offer convenient billing; you can pay with credit card through our secure site.