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  • * Very clear explanations

    * Practical Examples

    * He has a website with numerous additional resources

    * He makes me think with challenging questions.


    Rod 1, Highlands Ranch, CO

  • I went to tutor Graciela with an D in geometry. Her teaching skill, patience, and kindness brought me to a C in two weeks. I saw...

    Graciela 1, Los Altos, CA

  • What makes you a good tutor is your ability to connect with me and put everything in a clear and understandable form. You are very patient and I have found that this helps maybe...

    Christopher 2, Fresno, CA

  • " math teacher I ever had..."

    " of the best..."

    " ...He's just a very good teacher ..."

    " ...He really makes sure you nailed...

    Curtis1, San Jose, CA

  • "Thank you! I wish I had your language skills, but you made me feel much more comfortable about my own anyway!" -N
    "Thank you thank you thank you! I got an A on the essay...

    Danielle2, Oakland, Ca

  • She is a dynamic and real speaker who gets the attention of her audience with her warm and personal approach". (Martha Oral, English Professor)

    "Julinda was a phenomenal speaker". (Gina Ronzano, Counselor)

    Julinda1, San Jose, CA

  • very involved and extremely helpful.
    provides an awesome fun comfortable learning environment.
    always patient with students.
    he is an awesome instructor and clarified many things about chemistry.
    very approachable for questions and offers a lot...

    paul 1, san jose, ca

Benefits of Tutoring

We understand all the learning issues outlined below and have professional help specifically tailored to meet your needs and learning style at competitive rates. We list only high quality Tutors because we know that the price of time and frustration a student might suffer in the hands of an untrained tutor is too high.

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, your student can greatly benefit from one of our listed tutors.

  1. Are you frustrated with your teen's grades because you know they don't reflect his/her true ability and/or potential?
  2. Does your teen have a tendency to overlook details, leading to errors or incomplete work?
  3. Are the teachers sending you notes saying that your child's homework is not being submitted on time or not being submitted at all?
  4. Does it worry you that your child spends hours doing homework and still gets low test scores?
  5. Is your family peace disturbed because your child struggles to complete tasks, and is unfocused and unorganized?
  6. Has your child been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia or similar learning disabilities?
  7. Is your child in trouble because the class is too easy and he is bored and disruptive?
  8. Are you tired of driving your child to different activities and cannot drive him to one more place?
  9. Are you an adult student trying to finish college and notice that learning is more difficult than when you were younger because of life’s responsibilities?
  10. Or when life gets better … have you been thinking of learning how to play an instrument, or a foreign language?

How we will Help

We list PROFESSIONAL tutors that will come to your home, a library, --or a a location that you and the Tutor determine-- to guide you or your student to academic success.

Our focus is high quality service.

Tutors' qualifications:

Experience teaching/tutoring ALL PTSTUTORS
Driver's license ALL PTSTUTORS that drive to the student's home
Insurance ALL PTSTUTORS that drive to the student's home
Teaching Credential Many PTSTUTORS
Academic Summer Courses Training Many PTSTUTORS


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