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tutor pictureSteven 1Education: Niles North High School, Skokie, IL
University of Illinois B.A. - University of California, Berkeley
M.A. - University of North Carolina
Graduate Certificate in Hispanic Studies - UNCW
Teaching Credential - Brandman University
Multimedia Studies - Berkeley City College
Additional Writing Coursework - Northwestern University
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LOS GATOS CATeaching/Tutoring Since: 2004
tutor picturePatricia 1Education: A.S. degree in Medical Management
B.S. degree in Medical Management and Technology
C-best test passed
C-set 1/3 passed
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MOUNTAIN VIEW CATeaching/Tutoring Since: 2010
tutor pictureSusan 1Education: San Diego State University - San Diego, CA 2009 Bachelor of Science Degree - Applied Arts and Sciences Kinesiology (Emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy) Students Rating:
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SAN JOSE CATeaching/Tutoring Since: 1999